"Imagine everyone in the world, simultaneously, doing downward facing dog, both giving and receiving positive peaceful energy. I hold a vision of world peace in my heart. I believe world peace begins with inner peace. Inner peace begins with yoga. Teaching yoga allows me to put my vision into action and watch the miracles unfold." 

Eight years ago Jill Kempner began her journey into a beautiful world of health, healing and relaxation. In the winter of 1997, shortly after graduating high school, Jill attended the Chicago School of Massage Therapy (CSMT). Thoroughly enjoying her spiritually enriching experience at CSMT, Jill was ready to share her newfound massage skills with the world.

In search of a place to practice she discovered Lakeside Yoga and Massage Center (LYC) in Evanston. Jill loved working at LYC alongside the founder and mentor Monika Andreas. Monika lovingly shared her knowledge of massage with Jill as well as her passion for yoga.

One evening Jill attended Monika’s yoga class and the experience changed her life forever. As the class came to an end Jill’s body felt as if she had received a wonderfully relaxing massage. Jill continued to take yoga classes, both strengthening and relaxing her body and mind.

Her love of yoga grew as she developed a daily home practice, and in the fall of 2000 she entered the Temple of Kriya Yoga’s teacher training. Inspired by Monika and motivated by yoga’s numerous benefits, Jill completed her teacher training and began teaching yoga at LYC. 

During her many years of working and teaching at LYC Jill had the pleasure of attending workshops given by many special yoga teachers: Roger Eischens, Francois Raoult, Lois Steinberg, Leslie Riley, and Corinne Peterson. Corinn, who teaches prenatal yoga with viniyoga influences, inspired Jill to add prenatal yoga training to her repertoire.

Jill dedicates herself to being a full time massage therapist and taught both hatha and prenatal yoga classes until she embarked on the greatest adventure of her life, giving birth to her amazing daughter Claire, in the fall of 2005.

Jill facilitates the healing process in her family, friends, and clients with the transformational power of massage, yoga, reiki, and pure essentials oils.

2746 Central St Evanston, IL 60201 847.475.1500